The purpose of Friends of Yale Rugby (FYR) is to promote and support the continued success of the Yale University Rugby Football Club. In order to more effectively serve its purpose, the Board of Trustees of FYR formalized its bylaws and held elections this past November.  Individual board members (listed below) take responsibility for our various initiatives aimed at assisting the undergraduate leadership. 
The board convenes weekly with Coach McWilliams and the YURFC Captain and President.  

Ralph Bosch 1977

President of the Board

William Nichol 1988

Tour / Immersion Projects

Warren Hefflefinger 1989

Alumni / Family Relations

Mark Nemec 1991

Mentoring / Relations


Philip Lynch 1987

Chairman of the Board

Paul Carbery 1983


Robert Morse 2012

Alumni RFC

David Bateman 1980

Secretary of the Board

Philip Constantinou 2011


Cameron Maloney 2008


Avery Seavey 1978

Parent Representative