Summer internships at Yale RFC

This summer a total of four Yale players have availed of the FYR board mentoring program for the summer of 2016. A rugby player at Yale is guided in many different ways, nutrition, S&C, rugby understanding and intelligence to name but a few. However, having the ability to develop in the workplace environment is as important to us as a win in the Ivy League.

Thank you to FYR board member in charge of mentoring, Warren Heffelfinger 1989 and all alumni members for the efforts in assisting in this great avenue for the program.

2016 internship positions

                                                                                     Student                       Alumni member                   Company

                                                                                        Michael Meisel                          Geoff Halstead                        Connexient

                                                                                            Nate Hogg                              Steve Chase                           Shelter Rock

                                                                                          Phil Kapranov                              Phil Lynch                         Tanay Rural Bank

                                                                                         Bryan Herbert                       Warren Heffelfinger                         Ingenio  

2016 Graduating Full Time positions

                                                                                      Student                         Alumni member                  Company

                                                                                           Luke Thomas                         Warren Heffelfinger                       Ingenio