11 Bulldogs Awarded 2017 Academic All-Ivy Men's Team

Congratulations to 11 of our very own players who have been awarded with the honor of appearing on the 2017 Academic All-Ivy Men's Team. These players qualified for the honor for appearing in at least two Ivy Rugby Conference matches while also maintaining a GPA of at least 3.7. The selections were made by all 8 coaches of the Ivy Rugby Conference based on these players achievements on and off the field. These Bulldogs include:

  1. Bryan Herbert '18 (Yale)
  2. Scott Cockburn '19 (Yale)
  3. Joseph Goode '19 (Yale)
  4. Josh Racine '19 (Yale)
  5. Harry Seavey '19 (Yale)
  6. Diego Sialer '19 (Yale)
  7. Kohl Weisman '19 (Yale)
  8. Alex O'Neill '20 (Yale)
  9. Mateo Beccar Varela '20 (Yale)
  10. Kevin Gallagher '21 (Yale)
  11. Tat Wei Lee '21 (Yale)

The full list can be viewed here: https://www.ivyrugby.com/news/mens-2017-academic-all-ivy-team

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