Luke Thomas (Class of 2016) and Warren Heffelfinger, head of the FYR Alumni undergrad relations
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A few years ago we coined the term “Yale Rugby For Life.”  That phrase captures what many of us feel about our experiences both on and off the pitch with our teammates.  As part of the long term plan we made a commitment to invest in these relationships and, more specifically work on bridging the gap between generations of Yale Ruggers through an Alumni Mentoring Program.  The Yale Rugby Alumni network is deep and represents a wonderful asset for current players.  Our mission is to build greater connections between Alumni and Undergrads, with an eye towards mentoring, career counseling and job opportunities. 

How can you help? 

Join our LinkedIn group to enable current students to reach out to you and make powerful lasting connections.  LINKEDIN-YALE RUGBY

Yale Rugby For Life

Warren Heffelfinger, ‘89