The 2017-18 season with be captained by Charlie Hill, with Bryan Herbert as president. Both players have been active on the first team since their freshman year, featuring heavily in the squad that made the National Championships i n2015.

Both the Captain & President are active members of the FYR alumni board, along with the treasurer, Philip Kapranov. On occasion, other students will be asked to participate in the weekly calls to discussing their respective roles. This is a great opportunity for the undergrad leadership to plan along side alumni board members with much business & environment building experience. This guidance is the heartbeat of our program.

Here is the Officer Class of 2017-2018

Captain: Charlie Hill

President: Bryan Herbert

Treasurer: Phil Kapranov

Dues Manager: Khaleel Rajwani

Match Day Sec: Phillip Vorster

Tour Manager: Nicolas Wicaksono

Assistant Tour Manager: Joe Goode

Social Chair: Josh Racine

Social Chair: Alex O'Neill

Fundraising Director: Vlad Sychou

Equipment Manager: Diego Sialer

Recruiting Director: Scott Cockburn

Social Media Manager: Simon Soros