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Welcome to the Yale University Rugby Football Club Parents’ Association!

The Parents’ Association was formed two seasons ago to promote the attendance of family members at Yale Rugby matches and to encourage them to participate in other phases of the program.  These efforts have resulted in the formation of a tight-knit community of players, coaches, family members and alumni, and have enhanced the overall Yale Rugby experience for those involved with the Club.

We wish to thank Chris and Cathy Hogg, parents of Nate Hogg (Class of ’18), for helping to establish the Parents’ Association.  We certainly appreciate all they’ve done to help upgrade the Rugby program at Yale and, in particular, Chris’ enthusiastic sideline support for the lads and the very helpful insights and observations he shares with those parents experiencing the game for the first time (and there are many).

One of the primary activities of the Parents’ Association is to provide post-game refreshments for both teams and their supporters.  This is a long-standing rugby tradition throughout the world, and we are very pleased with our progress in making this a Yale Rugby tradition as well.  We are hoping that many of you will volunteer to provide food and non-alcoholic beverages after each home game.  You may wish to join with other parents in hosting the meal for a particular date.  It’s a great way to get to know other parents and the players, coaches and Yale fans at the game.  

In addition, the Parents’ Association supports the team in other ways to make your son’s and the entire family’s experience more enjoyable and memorable.  First and foremost, we encourage family and friends to participate in the annual Yale Rugby Weekend activities, including the golf tournament, alumni rugby games, gala dinner and the other events listed on the Yale Rugby website.  The Weekend is scheduled for April 21 and 22, 2017.  It will afford you a great opportunity to meet your son’s teammates, the coaches and support staff, former players and other parents in a casual and fun-filled setting.  It is truly a wonderful time.  Many of the parents also arrange to meet at away games, and other parents residing near the sites of our away games have hosted post-match meals for the team and the fans who have made the trip.  Finally, we are considering various ways to raise money for the Club to improve the Yale Rugby experience for the lads during the coming season, to support the annual Spring Tour and to fund much-needed improvements for the Club’s facilities.  

As the parents of the upperclassmen will tell you, the years at Yale pass very quickly, and getting involved in the Rugby program by attending matches and supporting other events is a special way to spend time with your sons and their teammates and to share the Rugby experience with them.  We invite you to become a part of the program and enjoy all that it has to offer.